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We are back!

Sydney modeling our steps right after I put everything in place.

Hello Australian Shepherd owners and lovers.  We are back!

It has been a year since my last post where I listed out the huge life moves we had made since our previous post.  We started building our house in summer of 2015, worked nearly all nights and weekends and finally received our Certificate of Occupancy at the beginning of August 2016.  We moved in at that point but continued to work on internal details on the weekends.

The quality of life for the dogs improved immensely when we moved into the house.  They had basically been living by themselves for the year we were building.  We would walk them early morning, work from 6:30am-5:15pm, feed and walk them quickly and then go work on the house.  Once we moved in, they were with us all the time that we weren’t at the coffee stand and everything got better – their behavior, comfort and happiness.  Plus, we finally had air conditioning!  Trooper stopped worrying away at a sore he had created on his foot and Sydney stopped her relentless pacing and panting.

We assembled the last of the furniture and attached our final trim piece sometime last month (January 2017).  We were also able to hire our first help for the coffee stand at the beginning of the year so we’ve reduced our hours from about 65 hours a week to an easy, breezy, 45.  We love our new house and the increased free time has been great.  As a result, we’ve been going on all sorts of adventures!

It’s only been about 5 weeks and we’ve jammed in so many fun hiking trips.  Stay tuned for more tales of Australian Shepherds!