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Training Tools

As I come across great products and treats for training obedience and agility, I will add them to the list below.


Treat Bag

Dog Treat Training Pouch

Treat bags are nearly as diverse as fanny packs.  The size is right for the amount of treats I carry and it has a ton of great features –

  • Wide enough for my whole hand to fit
  • Deep enough to store a lot of treats
  • Strong snap on the biggest pocket (closes easily and keeps curious noses out)
  • Front velcro pocket and a back zipper pocket (can hold clicker, car key, etc)

Another great feature is the removable belt.  When I’m doing agility and I need the pouch to stay in place, the belt is great.  If I’m not running around vigorously, I find that removing the belt and clipping the bag onto my pocket is the most comfortable.  Its versatility is awesome.  Additionally, I have been using the same bag for about 6 years and I have never had to replace it.

You can find similar and other bags on Amazon – Clicker Training Treat Bags



Training Clicker

Clickers come in a variety of shapes, colors and sounds.  The most important determinant regarding the best fit for your dog is that the sound does not offend them (i.e. cause fear or anger).  Your dog should respond positively or with curiosity when you make the sound.  If your clicker does not come with one, it  helps to add a wrist strap so it stays connected to your body when you release it.

Alternative:  If you cannot find a clicker that suits your dog, you can also use a verbal command or make a sound with your hand (i.e. snap, pat your leg, etc).  When choosing a verbal command, select a word you do not use for many other things.  “Yes” “Bingo” and “Right” are good examples.  “Good” is not great because you probably say it all the time.

Clickers are easy to pick up in stores, but if you’re already shopping on Amazon, there are a variety available online too – Clicker for Obedience Training



Many treats work well for training.  My favorites are small but not tiny, dry and have a long shelf life.  Charlee Bear Treats are great – they have nearly no smell, are not greasy, are a good size and do not break apart easily into a lot of crumbs.  They are a tad big (size is relative; large dog owners would not agree with me) but they work for a short training sessions.

Always be aware of how many treats you give your dog and decrease their meals or increase their physical activity accordingly.  My preferred treats are shown below.  Click on an image to learn more.

Charlee Bear Treats – The dogs enjoy liver or liver/cranberry.

Zukes – perfect size but slightly greasy. Favorite flavors – peanut butter and chicken

Stewart Treats – I love that these are pure liver. They are HUGE, so I cut them down to a tiny training treat size.