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I have found the links and books listed below helpful in caring for and training Trooper, so I hope they can assist you too. If you know of other good resources, please feel free to comment.

All About Aussies

Basic information about the breed:  Colors, personalities, breed standards, history, etc.
Dog Breed Info Center

Advice for Aussie owners or people considering having one as a pet

While this article paints Aussie in a less than flattering light, it does a great introduction to the different aspects of typical Aussie personality for those that are new to the breed.  All dogs deserve to have the lifestyle that is most suited to their temperament and activity level.  Please do a lot of research and speak with an Aussie owner before adding one to your family.

Please consider adopting an Aussie before buying one from a breeder.  Many Aussies are dropped at shelters or given to adoption agencies because the owner realized they just did not have the time or patience to care for such a high needs dog.  Don’t think that adopting an older dog equates to not being able to teach him.  Trooper is 6 years old and not only adjusts to any situation I put him in, but his learning rate is still sky-high.  His loyalty has only become more defined as he has aged.
Rescue and Placement Helpline

Dog Food and Alternatives to Dry Kibble

Dry dog food reviews
Dog Food Advisor

These sites provide some really useful Raw Meaty Bones information, including a great discussion of the common myths surrounding the diet, the why’s and how’s of switching diets and pictures/videos of meal ideas and how they were received by their dogs.
Raw Learning

Training Tools

Please see my page on Training Tools