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Ode to Dog Fun

Exploring Spring Canyon, Rockhound State Park

We went on an adventure
To climb a great hill
Wanting some exercise
Boy, we’d get our fill

The dogs scrambled along
Through brush and loose stones
Occasionally encountering
Loose cow and deer bones

We headed for the wash
And climbed up real high
We sat on the saddle
Where birds would fly by

Trooper started to whine
He wanted to get going
It’s strange though, because
He’s the one we’re usually towing

After the short break up top
We headed back to the concrete
Took a look around and then
Walked on to the main street

The dogs felt just dandy
Having hair short that felt clean
With all their fluff gone
You can tell they’re quite lean

I know there are some
Who believing shaving is bad
But we’re in the camp
That says, ‘well that’s just too bad’

I prefer not having
To remove thorns, spines and brush
Short hair is so simple
And easy for us

And so, as summer comes on
We’ll head out for more fun
Hiking, swimming and traveling
The adventures have just begun

Post-hike happiness and fatigue (hair still long at this time)