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Making it up Radio Tower Road

This is a re-post from our other (non-dog) blog,

Awhile back, someone told us about abandoned gold mines and huge quartz crystals near Radio Tower Road, in Pinos Altos. Having only our Honda Fit at the time, we parked at the bottom, where it met Highway 15, and walked in really far. The road just kept going and going! During that visit, we came across one pile of mine tailings, collected some neat specimens and trekked back. Recently, we tried again….this time with the Rav4.

Heading up Radio Tower Road

Our first obstacle – The Rav handled it with ease.

Crazy, one-lane road with only a low berm near the cliff edge.

Trooper is sooooooo far away in this car.

The road wound through the mountains, up and down, one-lane except for periodic shoulders for passing.

This is where we exited the main road. After navigating this rough terrain, we pulled over and went for a hike.

The dogs were excited. Even Trooper stayed in front of us.

Neat campsite about a quarter mile from where we parked.

What lives here?

Wow, what a tall house you have!

Hanging out atop a tailings pile. View to the south/southeast? See the radio towers in the back?

View to the west.

Puffbal mushroom! Thanks monsoons!

A strange bush that had a myriad of animals on it – butterflies, beetles, bees and flies.

Tailings? When we were standing there a moment ago, we just thought it was fill dirt for the road.

Brian taking up the rear. He had found a cave to explore so the rest of us got a bit ahead.

Brian’s cave discovery.

Where we were when we started driving up the road of doom.

Look at how scary the road is! This was the final stretch up to the radio towers. We used DAC mode (Downhill Assist Control) when coming down it – it keeps the car going at 3 mph or less and maintains traction.

Heading back to the car.

Back at home…these dogs have gooooood lives.