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Funny Animal Behaviors – Fred and His Rope Project

If you have a pet, your pet probably does funny things from time to time.  Australian Shepherds, being incredibly intelligent and addicted to routine, are especially good at developing silly habits and odd behaviors.

There are two types of funny behaviors.  The distinction is not really that important.  It’s basically accidental vs. conditioned humor.

  • Things your pet does naturally and that happens to be funny.  For example, Trooper’s lip often gets stuck up on his gums, either on one side or both.  It’s very funny and we always laugh at him when this happens.  He knows something positive is going on but he isn’t aware that he is the source of humor.  (Accidental)
  • Things your pet does on purpose because it has elicited a laugh at times in the past.  Fred knows his fart sound makes us laugh every time so he uses it to his advantage – primarily, when he wants our attention or he is trying to diffuse tension in the room. (Conditioned)

They say that Laughter is the Best Medicine, so we want to share our funny moments with the hope that it brings a little joy to your day.  Sometimes our animal behaviors may seem funny; other times just odd.  In the case of the video below, it’s a little of both.