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My Dog Loves my Other Dog

I have quite a lot of footage of the two dogs playing together.  It accumulates over time, takes up all the space on my phone and then becomes an overwhelming sorting project that must be done if I plan on using my phone camera again.

Most of the videos are probably not that amusing for other people to watch.  Kind of like vacation pictures from friends/family that drag on (“This is the dinner we ate the night we arrived”…”This is the beach where we relaxed”… “This is another picture of the beach”…etc).  Or like baby pictures (“This is him smiling”… “This is him smiling because I was waving his dragon toy” … “This is him with his open-mouthed smile”… etc).

So I’ll spare you those videos and always strive to provide high quality content that you enjoy in some way. Hopefully because it is informative, fun or both.

So without further ado, the video below is Trooper and Sydney from a few mornings ago.  They usually do this when I’m working out upstairs.  Just as I lay down on the ground to stretch, do abs, etc, they immediately start a wrestling session.  At least this time it was gentle and oh so endearing (until we went outside!).

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