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Trooper, the Australian Shepherd
Trooper came into my life as an 8 week old puppy and has grown into an amazing pet, providing laughter and inspiration along the way. His incredible pace of learning and positive attitude towards training make him a great tool for showing others how to work with their dogs. Additionally, his big personality and unique quirks cause laughter and smiles for anyone who knows him.

Sydney, the Australian Shepherd
We adopted Sydney when she was 5 years old from a family that had decided they could no longer handle her high energy demands.  She was the center of attention until they had a child…and then another.  The new family dynamic meant Sydney was no longer properly exercised or trained; and she turned into a bossy, barky, quick-to-temper Australian Shepherd.  When we adopted Sydney, we could tell she was a sweet girl and was also quite funny.  But with her prior conditioning, she has been a much more challenging dog than Trooper.  We hope our Sydney experiences can help those with their own puzzling dog households.

Chelsea, the human owner
Chelsea has been the owner of dogs throughout her life, from golden retrievers to cocker spaniels to Australian shepherds. She started training dogs as a young girl when she thought it would be neat if her puppy could flip a treat off his nose and catch it in the air. She views training as a fun interactive activity that provides mental stimulation and the foundation for good manners.

Thanks for reading!
Chelsea Vaughn

Trooper & Me, summer 2011